School uniforms with superpowers

Turn your school uniforms into a tool for positive environmental and social impact, that increases your school's brand value.

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Brand new, sustainable uniforms

Make your school more sustainable and teach your students how to shop responsibly.

Our clothing is made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles and more, in ethically-certified factories which treat and pay workers fairly. And your students can see all this for themselves, because we make sure you can track every product through our transparent supply chain.

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Recycled, sustainable uniforms

Save parents money, create extra revenue & help the planet.

We extend the life of pre-worn uniforms by collecting, restoring and selling them to parents at a discount, generating extra revenue for your school at the same time. Because even nine months of extra wear reduces carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each.

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Our modern, online sales platform uses the latest e-commerce technology to make shopping for brand new sustainable school uniforms or discounted pre-loved uniforms, easy, secure and super quick. Here’s how...

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Future-proof uniforms

Your students are the future changemakers the world needs. And our uniforms can play their part too, by encouraging them to become conscious consumers who consider the people and places behind the clothes they wear.

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A perfect fit for any occasion

We can have your students ready for all school activities. From the traditional blazers, shirts and ties to sportswear, swimming kit and accessories: If you need it, we make it. And, of course, only with sustainable materials in ethically managed factories.

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Sustainable from head to toe

As the most sustainable school uniform brand in the world, we don’t take anything for granted.

That’s why we use materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic, recycled wool, recycled ocean waste and more, and track the journey of each product to guarantee they are sourced sustainably and made with our trusted partners in certified ethical factories.

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Kapes keeps kids in school

Ever since we found out that a school uniform can reduce absenteeism by 62%, we’ve made it a priority to help keep as many kids in school as possible. Which is why for every one we sell, we will make a free uniform for a child who really needs it.

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