We help schools to attract and retain students with school uniforms that align with the environmental and societal values of today’s parents and children.





On average we save 1,000,000 litres of water, 950,000 km of driving emissions, enough energy to power 500,000 lightbulbs for an hour, and offset 5 tonnes of CO2 – per academic year!

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5 ways to take
climate action

Sustainable Uniforms

Our Sustainable School Uniforms Accelerator is a first and one of a kind program designed not only provide you with sustainable uniforms, but to make you one of the most informed, visible, climate active schools in your market.

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Impact Audit

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so our impact audit is a way for you to measure your environmental impact and enables informed decisions to be made about managing those impacts.

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Carbon Offset Fund

Offsetting your environmental impact can be challenging, particularly as an individual school. First you must calculate your footprint but then you must find the right project to invest in, in a carbon market that is fraught with problems.

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Virtual Workshops

We have created a digital youth education program that teaches students in grades 4-12 about the social & environmental impacts of the global fashion industry, while empowering them to build a more resilient and sustainable future.

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Eco Trip

We are offering an exclusive experience with a difference, to give your students the opportunity to truly connect to people and planet, by building connections to wildlife, nature and those disproportionally impacted by climate change.

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For All

Ever since we found out that school uniform can reduce absenteeism by 62%, we’ve made it a priority to help keep as many kids in school as possible. Which is why for every one we sell, we give away a free uniform to a child who really needs it.

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Wins from the
school community

The Arbor School

The Arbor School is a premium all-through school located to the south of Dubai. The Arbor School aims to foster a positive, caring and compassionate school environment, in which learners can shine in many different ways. Arbor students shall become innovative and capable leaders, with a strong set of ethical values, anchored by a deep sense of global environmental justice and sustainability.

Fairgreen International

Fairgreen International School is a pioneering education community, with a mission to embrace and promote sustainability in all its forms. Developed to empower students with a forward-looking education, Fairgreen aims to inspire future generations to make a positive impact on the world as ambassadors of sustainable development.

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Sustainability Scorecard

Benchmark the sustainability of your current school uniforms by answering 12 quick-fire questions, in under 3 minutes, about your schools uniforms. You will discover what areas you can improve on and receive a free guide on our MICE Framework to help turn your school uniforms into a tool to help fight the climate crisis, which covers Materials & Manufacturing, Impact & Offsetting, Circularity, and Eco-Literacy.

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