Every child deserves an education

Research shows that a uniform can reduce school absenteeism by 62% among those that can't afford one. So for every child that we sell a uniform for, we have committed to providing a free uniform on your behalf to a child in need in a developing country.

We have committed to identifying vulnerable children in schools in developing countries. And each year we will pair your school with the equivalent number of children in need and distribute free uniforms at the start of each school year.

How Kapes
helps kids

We’re passionate about helping all children fulfil their potential, so they can grow up to become the future changemakers the world really needs.

That's why we give away a free school uniform for every one we sell. Here are just a few ways it can help.

Reduce barriers to education

In many developing countries the cost of the uniform can be the single biggest barrier for families. So much so, that they can often struggle to afford it. A free Kapes uniform helps level the playing field and gets more kids from poorer backgrounds into school.

Help tackle bullying

We all know the playground can be an unforgiving place, and the stigma around not having a school uniform has been shown to lead to bullying. A free Kapes uniform helps tackle this, as well as helping instill confidence and a sense of belonging.

Keep kids in school

Research shows that a school uniform can reduce school absenteeism by 62%. So the simple act of giving a child a free uniform immediately increases their chances of having a brighter future.

A community effort

We know you'll have your own social initiatives in your community, but just by being a Kapes customer you’re helping even further.
And each year we’ll give you a report for you to share, showing the impact of each uniform that’s been distributed. We are also happy to sponsor schools that you may already work with.