Why we're here

Kapes is a closed loop, tech-enabled, e-commerce company with a social mission, providing sustainable school uniforms that help to make the world a better place. We were born from wanting to find a way to fight the climate crisis and revolutionise the school uniform market at the same time.

We place sustainability at the heart of everything we do, to help give a brighter future to as many children as possible.

That’s also why for every uniform sold, we give a free one to a child in need. This helps children stay in school, giving them a better chance to rise out of poverty.

And by teaching Kapes kids about how their clothes are made and how the people who make them are treated, we hope to influence a new generation of conscious consumers.

But perhaps best of all, they can see how the simple act of wearing their Kapes uniform is already helping the planet and other kids all around the world.