Why we're here

Fashion accounts for 10% of global emissions, 80% of all clothing ends up in landfills or incinerated, and school uniforms play a part in this. School uniforms are typically made from plastic, which is derived from fossil fuels, they release microplastics when worn and washed, they are destined for landfill and get there even quicker because children grow so fast, then they take hundreds of years to decompose.

Kapes is here to make the world a better place. We were born from wanting to find a way to fight the climate crisis and revolutionise school uniforms at the same time.

We place sustainability at the heart of everything we do, to help give a brighter future to as many children as possible. And by teaching Kapes kids about how their clothes are made and how the people who make them are treated, we hope to influence a new generation of conscious consumers.

But perhaps best of all, the more schools that we partner with, the more children we are able to provide with free uniforms. And if this helps to change the life of just one child then we have made a difference.