A Unique Societal Learning Trip for Tomorrow’s Change Makers

In today’s rapidly changing world, where global challenges such as climate change and social inequality require innovative solutions, the importance of nurturing a sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship among the youth cannot be overstated. Recognising this need, we have partnered with Mountain Quests to offer a unique and highly immersive 8-day societal learning trip to Kenya, called Camp Kapes. This experience is designed to foster connections with nature, wildlife, and communities most affected by climate change. This unforgettable journey will not only inspire students to take action but will also provide them with valuable skills and insights to make a positive impact on society.

The Adventure Begins

Our unique expedition takes students to Kenya’s lesser-known Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project. Here, they learn from social enterprises and changemakers dedicated to wildlife protection, forest preservation, and community upliftment. By participating in real-world citizen science, conservation efforts, and engaging with the local community, students will develop a deep understanding of sustainable practices and the resilience of those living in harmony with their environment.

A Unique Learning Experience

Camp Kapes is designed to have a lasting impact on students, rather than the typical ‘make a difference’ approach. We empower local communities and recognize their positive initiatives, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students will not only learn about the effects of climate change on these communities but also the skills they possess and employ within their social enterprises.

The 8-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi

Upon arrival in Nairobi, students will enjoy a traditional Kenyan dinner and receive an overview of the week ahead, preparing them for the exciting journey that awaits.

Day 2: Train Ride to Kivuli Camp

The adventure begins with a scenic train ride to Voi, featuring animal sightings and views of Mount Kilimanjaro. The day ends with the first game drive and a nature movie night at the camp.

Day 3: Safari at Tsavo East Game Reserve

An unforgettable safari experience at Tsavo East Game Reserve offers students the chance to witness Africa’s Big 5 animals in their natural habitat.

Day 4: Wildlife Works and Sustainable Workshops

Students will be introduced to the Wildlife Works team and participate in hands-on workshops such as t-shirt printing and soap-making, learning about sustainable practices and local industries. They will also visit the factory where we make some of our uniforms.

Day 5: Tsavo Research Centre and Conservation Skills

At the Tsavo Research Centre, students will learn about the Wildlife Works REDD+ project and gain valuable conservation skills, such as using GPS to track and collect data like the research scientists. The afternoon includes a grafting and vertical farming workshop at the greenhouse.

Day 6: Hiking and Bush Survival Skills

The day is packed with adventure, as students hike Kizima Hills, learn bush survival skills from rangers, and participate in a bush survival challenge back at camp.

Day 7: Cultural Immersion with Neema Women’s Group

Eco Trip

Students will engage with the Neema Women’s Group, learning traditional dances, basket weaving, and elephant dung paper-making, all while enjoying a traditional lunch.

Day 8: Cultural Exchange & Departure

The journey ends with a train ride to Nairobi. Students then catch their flight home, cherishing memories and knowledge from Kenya. Before leaving, they’ll visit Kirigu Primary School. Underprivileged students there get free uniforms, thanks to our partnership with The Arbor School. Students will plant seedlings with Kenyan peers at Kirigu School. Finally, they enjoy a screening of The Elephant Queen.

A Lasting Impact

This unique societal learning trip to Kenya offers students a transformative experience that goes beyond the confines of the classroom. Brett Girven, Principal at The Arbor School, praised the 2022 trip, calling it an “unparalleled opportunity” to inspire future change-makers. Students dive into Kenyan culture, wildlife conservation, and sustainability. They return home with a strong sense of global responsibility, valuable skills, and a deep understanding of the connection between people and the environment.

Join Camp Kapes

We invite schools to consider this empowering adventure for their students. By offering this societal learning trip, schools help shape future global citizens tackling climate change, inequality, and environmental degradation.

Gaining invaluable lessons from this trip, students become equipped to understand complex global problems and take meaningful action. Camp Kapes provides a unique opportunity for lasting change in students’ lives and the communities they’ll impact.

This 8-day Kenyan adventure transcends traditional education, leaving a lasting impact on students. It’s an investment in their growth as global citizens and future leaders shaping a sustainable, equitable world. We encourage schools to seize this incredible opportunity, inspiring, educating, and empowering the next generation of change-makers. Contact us here to find out more.