A Unique Societal Learning Trip for Tomorrow’s Change Makers

In today’s rapidly changing world, where global challenges such as climate change and social inequality require innovative solutions, the importance of nurturing a sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship among the youth cannot be overstated. Recognising this need, we have partnered with Mountain Quests to offer a unique and highly immersive 8-day societal learning […]

Sustainable Schoolwear: A Shift in Parent Perceptions of Conventional Uniforms

The increasing awareness about the negative impacts of fast fashion and the importance of sustainability has led parents to reconsider their children’s school uniforms. We conducted a recent survey in the UAE, which revealed fascinating insights into parents’ perceptions of conventional school uniforms, their willingness to pay for sustainable schoolwear, and their expectations from schools […]

PFAs in School Uniforms: An Unseen Threat

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) are a group of man-made chemicals that have been used for decades in various consumer products, including school uniforms. These chemicals, known for their water and stain resistance properties, may have harmful effects on human health and the environment. This article will delve deeper into the presence of PFAs in […]

Avoiding Carbon Tunnel Vision When Transitioning to Environmentally Friendly Uniforms

Navigating the challenges of sustainability is not an easy task, especially when it comes to eco-friendly school uniforms. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of carbon tunnel vision and how it applies to school uniforms. By understanding the broader implications of sustainability, schools can make more informed decisions when considering environmentally friendly uniforms. Understanding […]

Sustainable School Uniforms: Doughnut Economics for a Greener Future

Understanding Doughnut Economics Doughnut economics is a groundbreaking concept that aims to balance the needs of people and the planet by addressing both social foundations and ecological ceilings. Developed by economist Kate Raworth, this model offers a holistic approach to sustainable development, considering the well-being of society while respecting the boundaries of our planet’s resources. […]

Are School Uniforms Environmentally Friendly?

School uniforms have been a staple of education systems around the world for decades. But have you ever wondered are school uniforms environmentally friendly? In this article, we will explore the environmental impacts of school uniforms and discuss solutions to these problems. The Environmental Impacts of School Uniforms Resource Consumption and Waste The production of […]