The Impact of a Free Ethical School Uniform

Free School Uniform

The Challenge of Universal Primary Education Although every child should have the right to an education, many children in developing countries like Kenya lack access. In 2003, the Kenyan government introduced free education, which led to dramatic increases in school participation. However, one prominent issue remains – the mandatory requirement of school uniforms. School uniforms […]

How Eco-Friendly School Uniforms Can Help to Solve The Teenage Dip in Nature Connection

Younger generations, particularly teenagers, are increasingly concerned with environmental issues. 80% of young people are eager to take action to help the environment. However, there is a sharp dip in nature connection starting at age 11. Introducing eco-friendly school uniforms can connect teenagers to nature and help tackle this dip by raising awareness and promoting […]

What Can Schools Learn from Fashion’s Mistakes?

Boohoo Scandal

Fashion Scandals and Their Consequences In 2021, fashion retailer Boohoo faced a modern slavery scandal, with garment workers in Leicester factories reportedly paid as little as £3.50 an hour and left unprotected against Covid-19. The consequences were severe, with a 30% drop in share price and major retailers pulling Boohoo clothing from their websites 1. […]

Can School Uniforms Help Children Stay in School?

Impact of a Free School Uniform

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Recycled uniforms and Blended Learning – the Schools of the Future?

Recycled uniforms and Blended Learning

Education has been forced into huge change during 2020, with COVID-19 pandemic resulting in school closures around the world, and more than 1.2 billion children out of the classroom globally, according to the World Economic Forum. So changes that were perhaps already underway at a relatively slow pace were put into place immediately out of […]