Sustainable Schoolwear: A Shift in Parent Perceptions of Conventional Uniforms

The increasing awareness about the negative impacts of fast fashion and the importance of sustainability has led parents to reconsider their children’s school uniforms. We conducted a recent survey in the UAE, which revealed fascinating insights into parents’ perceptions of conventional school uniforms, their willingness to pay for sustainable schoolwear, and their expectations from schools […]

Eco-Friendly School Uniforms: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Switch

Parent straightening tie on child's eco-friendly school uniform

Picture this: It’s a typical morning at your school, and you see students arriving in their crisp, clean uniforms. They straighten their ties and adjust their blazers as they walk through the gates. What if we told you that the very uniforms they’re wearing were eco-friendly school uniforms and could contribute to a greener, more […]

Auditing a Sustainable Uniform Supplier: A Guide for Schools

The Importance of Choosing a Sustainable Uniform Supplier As schools worldwide prioritise sustainability, selecting a sustainable uniform supplier becomes an essential step towards reducing environmental impact. An eco-friendly school uniform can not only lower the carbon footprint but also encourage students to adopt sustainable practices. However, it’s crucial to perform a thorough audit to ensure […]

Why Your School’s Uniforms Could be Putting Your Students at Risk

Dye Factory in Shaoxing

Are school uniforms the often unnoticed obligatory purchase that creeps into students’ wardrobes that put children at risk —  sometimes completely under the radar? The short answer is yes, and it’s more dangerous than you think. In a world flooded with piles and piles of textile waste, we pledge to make an array of small decisions each […]