Camp Kapes


There is only so much that can be learned in the classroom, particularly when it comes to climate change and global citizenship. We are offering an exclusive experience with a difference, to give your students the opportunity to truly connect to people and planet, by building connections to wildlife, nature and those disproportionally impacted by climate change.

As part of our mission to empower future generations to have a positive impact on society, we have partnered with Mountain Quests to take your students on a 7-day adventure unlike any other, to a part of Kenya rarely visited on the tourist trail.

Your students will go behinds the scenes of the Wildlife Works Kasigua Corridor REDD+ project that we support with the sale of each Kapes school uniform. While here they will learn first-hand from the changemakers that are the social enterprises working to make the world a better place in this developing community. We will provide a hands-on experience into how this project protects wildlife, keeps trees in the forests, and positively impacts the local community.

Students will participate in real-world citizen science and conservation efforts, in addition to engaging with the local community to learn all about their sustainable practices from elephant dung paper making to basket weaving. They will also work alongside research scientists, learning how to collect data for the project, and park rangers, learning how to survive and thrive in the wild, as well as enjoy several stunning game drives, in the hope of meeting some, if not all of Africa’s big 5.

Hear what Brett Girven, Principal at The Arbor School had to say about the trip

How will your students make a difference?

What makes this trip unique is that your students are not going to Africa to ‘make a difference’, this trip has been designed for Africa to have an impact on your students. The local community is extremely capable, and we believe that trips designed to ‘make a difference’, fail to empower the local community or do justice to how they have a positive impact. Instead, your students will learn not only about climate change and how it impacts these communities, but the skills that these communities have and employ within their social enterprises, each aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals Covered:

kapes goal

Stories from the field


Meet Monica Mokori and hear what she had to say about how her organisation helps the local community avoid conflict with animals and turn what the elephants leave behind into a resource that generates income. 


Day 1

Arrival at Camp. Local lunch and orientation. 

Day 2

Introduction to Nature Conservation, tour of garment factory, t-shirt printing workshop, soap making workshop, and afternoon game drive.

Day 3

Visit research centre and learn how to GPS track wildlife for the carbon offset project. Followed by elephant dung paper workshop with Women’s Group.

Day 4

Daytime hike to the summit of Mount Kasigua and night game drive.

Day 5

Visit local community and learn about their role in conservation, and local basket weaving workshop.

Day 6

Survival skills and bushwalk and the Rangers and evening game drive.

Day 7