How it works?

Sustainable uniforms, sold your way

The same great sustainably-sourced uniforms that not only help care for the planet, the people making them, and the kids wearing them, but are an absolute favourite with parents too - but sold by you, your way.

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Expertly designed

We understand how important it is that your uniforms look the part. We can work with you to revamp the design of your current uniforms or simply copy your existing design. Either way, we will ensure a smooth transition and work with you to generate excitement and engage with your school community through consultations, presentations, and even fashion shows.

Sustainably sourced

The largest impact we can have on the environment is at the raw materials level. So it all starts by using only sustainable materials, like organic cotton, recycled polyester, coconut shell, regenerated nylon, and more. Unlike virgin synthetic fibres and conventional cotton, which tend to be stock materials, it can take up to 75 days to source the sustainable materials that we use, as we have to make them from scratch.

Ethically made to last

We then manufacture your uniforms within our network of Sedex certified ethical manufacturers. This ensures that your uniforms are not only superior quality and made to handle the everyday demands of school, year after year - keeping parents. But are made in good working conditions and garment workers are paid and treated fairly at the same time.

A fully traceable supply chain

We track every product's journey through our supply chain, from start to finish, using a QR code and the latest blockchain technology. Which means we can guarantee that there’s no exploitation of the planet or workers at any stage. Rest assured, there are no monsters hiding in our production line.