Impact Auditing

Ready to clean up your school uniforms?

On average, every academic year, we can save your school:

km of driving EMISSIONS
0 M lit
kwh of ENERGY

How do we do this?

Impact Auditing

Calculating our footprint

The first step is to calculate our impact because there is still an impact even when producing sustainable uniforms. To do this we have partnered with Green Story, who took a deep dive into our supply chain. Using this data, they are able to show us how much we save compared to using unsustainable materials and how much impact we still have.


Keeping trees in forests

When then purchase nature-based carbon credits, which helps to keep trees in the forest, keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere. In forest communities, trees are cut down in order to make charcoal to earn money. The profits from the sale of these carbon credits go towards providing opportunities and education so that the local community is encouraged to protect the forests.


Wildlife conservation

The biggest threat to wildlife is humans and climate change is increasing this threat. This comes in the form of poaching as a source of income, as well as conflict between the local community and the surrounding wildlife. A real-life example of this are increased droughts in the Kasigua Corridor, which result in wildlife such as Elephants going to farms in search of food, leading to conflict with farmers. By helping to give forest communities sustainable ways to make a living, they are less likely to resort to poaching, and by teaching the local community to

Know Your Impact

Kapes Impact

The fashion industry produces more harmful carbon emissions than the aviation and shipping industries combined, and school uniforms contribute to this.

An impact audit is the only way to measure your environmental impact and enables informed decisions to be made about managing those impacts.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so find out how much your school uniforms contribute to climate change with our free footprint calculator or contact us for more information about an 8 to 12 week bespoke school uniforms impact audit.

Your School Impact Audit

We have partnered with school sustainability experts, Metanoia, to offer an impact audit tailored specifically to your school.

Over 8 to 12 weeks (depending on the degree of student involvement), we will assess the footprint of your uniforms, to remove the guesswork when it comes to knowing your impact and taking steps to reduce and offset it.

What’s included: