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Sustainable school uniforms

The uniforms we make tell a story. From the fields where the organic cotton is grown, to the beaches where plastic bottles are collected, they all have a sustainable start.

Then it’s the makers turn, who expertly turn these raw materials into clothing, in factories where their safety and wellbeing is guaranteed, and they are paid fairly.

With sustainability being such a buzzword and greenwashing becoming commonplace, we believe that it is important to back up claims with facts and data. This is why we calculate the impact of making our uniforms and use this data to offset our impact by purchasing carbon credits, making our uniforms carbon neutral.

It’s a sustainable story we’re proud to tell, and one we hope you’re proud to pass on to your students.

Our Materials

Using nothing but materials from sustainable sources allows us to have the most positive environmental impact possible. Here are the four sustainable materials that we currently use to make our products.

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Organic Cotton

Organic cotton really is a game-changer. It uses up to less water and less energy, whilst producing less CO2 than conventionally farmed cotton. Plus, it eliminates the use of GMOs and harmful pesticides. For all those reasons, 100% of our cotton is organic – it’s a no-brainer.


Recycled Polyester

We try to use as little plastic as possible, but for now, when we need to, we only use recycled and not virgin polyester. This means we use less energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. It also diverts PET bottles away from landfills, reducing soil contamination and water pollution

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Regenerated Nylon

All of our swimwear is made from regenerated nylon. This starts out as disused fishing nets and then, hey presto! It turns into our swimming trunks and costumes.


Coconut Shell

Even our buttons are sustainably sourced because they’re made from upcycled coconut shells.

Our Factories

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Fair & safe

Our factories are visited and vetted, and hold the necessary certification to guarantee that there’s no worker exploitation, that they pay a fair wage (substantially higher than the minimum wage), and that they provide safe working conditions.

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100% transparency

We’re open about who we work with and the standards we hold them to. And we make sure the factory workers can speak to us about any concerns they might have so we can take the necessary steps to help them.


Globally recognised certifications

All of the factories and suppliers we work with carry the highest certifications possible, including GOTs, Oeko-Tex, Sedex, Global Recycling Standard, FSC and Fairtrade. These cover fair working practices, social concerns, animal welfare and environmental impact.

Our Products

We make items specifically tailored to your schools needs and designs, but below are just some of the sustainable products that we offer.

Ready to join other forward thinking and innovative schools by transitioning to sustainable uniforms?